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Chamber Application

Thank you for considering membership in the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce. We believe you’ll find your membership rewarding and enriching. Please complete the application below, we will review your information at our next Chamber Board meeting which is held the second Wednesday of each month, except August. We will be in touch with you regarding your membership.

Below are the annual membership fees as they pertain to different organizations and individuals. Your dues will reflect your status as indicated below. You will have the opportunity to be billed annually, semi-annually or quarterly (for dues over $200.00 per year only).

  • Retired Individuals (65 and older): $50.00
  • Individual: $75.00
  • Church/Civic/Volunteer: $100.00
  • Family Farm: $125.00
  • Out of County Vendors: $150.00
  • Hospital/Government/Education: $85.00 per million dollars of annual budget
  • Financial Institutions: $30.00 per million in Audrain County Deposits (minimum $650.00)
  • Professional/Real Estate/Insurance: $125.00 per professional + $10 per support staff
  • Distribution/Manufacturing/Service/Retail:

1-10 employees $150.00
11-25 employees: $ 300.00
26-50 employees: $ 750.00
51-100 employees: $1000.00
100 or more employees: $1500.00
(2 part time employees = 1 full time)

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Mexico Area Chamber of Commerce. This application will give us some basic information about your business that will be useful to our other members and visitors. Upon review of your application, we will reach out to you with your approval status and the corresponding membership fees.
Membership Information

Upon approval of your Chamber application and payment of annual dues, your business information will be included in our directory at no cost to you as long as your membership in the Chamber is active.

You may add the appropriate information to your listing including an image, such as a logo, that reflects your business. Your listing will be active for one year at which time you will be required to renew.

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Top Area Employers

1. Noble Health – Audrain Community Hospital: 425 Employees
2. True Manufacturing: 415 Employees
3. Spartan Light Metal Products: 363 Employees
4. Mexico Public School District: 346 Employees
5. Wal-Mart: 300 Employees