Progress Mexico

Supporting Mexico’s Economic Development

Progress Mexico membership financially supports Mexico’s economic development as a partner with the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mexico. The group is guided by an administrative committee of representatives from the membership (three), Chamber of Commerce (three), City of Mexico (two), and Audrain County Commission (one).

Progress Mexico is chaired by the vice president of economic development of the Chamber of Commerce, and the annual membership meeting is held each December. The year’s accomplishments are reviewed at the annual meeting held each December.  

Program Fees & Support Projects

Dues for Progress Mexico are Supporting Membership $250 per year or Participating Membership $500 per year, eligible to be elected to Board of Directors and will have voting privileges on various matters. The sole source of income is membership dues. 

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Top Area Employers

1. Noble Health – Audrain Community Hospital: 425 Employees
2. True Manufacturing: 415 Employees
3. Spartan Light Metal Products: 363 Employees
4. Mexico Public School District: 346 Employees
5. Wal-Mart: 300 Employees